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Master of Science Program in Agricultural Technology

Curriculum objective
1. Have knowledge, ability, and skills for a future career in agricultural technology.
2. Have research knowledge, technology transfer, and the application of agricultural technology knowledge to manage and solve problems efficiently.
3. Have morals, ethics, professional ethics, and responsibility for society and the environment.
Entrance qualifications
Graduated with a bachelor's degree in agricultural science or other related fields or studied in science for at least 15 credits or hold other qualifications according to the Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Regulations on Graduate Studies 2012.
Careers after graduation
1. Agricultural scholars.
2. Agricultural researchers in government, and private sectors.
3. Teachers in educational institutions.
4. Farm manager or agricultural industry.
5. Self-employed or own entrepreneurship.
Regular study 2 years, not more than 5 years (39 credits)
Language taught
Thai language 
The lowest grade that can be graduated
Date of approval by the university council
Date of approval by the Office of the Civil Service Commission
Date of course endorsement by Office of the Higher Education Commission
Date of approval by the University Academic Council
Date of approval by a related professional council (if any)
The whole course is approximately 60,000 baht (15,000 baht per semester)
Teaching location
RMUTL  Lampang
Curriculum committee
      Dr.Suraphon  Jaiwongsa       

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